Tuesday & Wednesday, March 4 + 5, 2008 - Information Technology High School


  • WINNERS! Channel Thirteen 2008 Teaching & Learning Celebration are: John Tsai and Patricia Karl.
  • Title IID Grants - OIT/iTeach was awarded three grants for targeted schools within these districts:
Title IID - T4 - Transforming Teaching Through Technology
Dist. 24 & 28
Focus: Teams of 2 Teachers of Special Ed & Gen. Ed
Title IID - ABILITIES - Achieving Beyond Intensive Learning to Infuse Technology including Every Student
Dist. 27 & 25
Focus: Teams of 2 Teachers of Special Ed & Gen. Ed in Conjunction with NYIT.
Title IID - TELL - Technology Enhancing Language Learners
Dist. 30 & 29
Focus: Teams of 2 Teachers of Bilingual and General Ed

  • Upcoming Dates-
    • March 17, 2008 - Marco Torres - "Digital Documentaries" - MS 202 Q Auditorium
    • April 8 2008 - Will Richardson - "Blogs, Wikis and RSS - MS 202 Q Auditorium
    • April 14 & 15, 2008 - Tech Liaison Meetings - ITHS"
    • May, 2008 - Tech Liaison Meetings - To be Announced
    • June 7, 2008 - Citywide Tech Fair - Location to be announced

Promethean - Bob Barron bob@logitech.com


Using the Promethean ActiVotes (hand held survey taker), teachers vote to find out what are the needs in each of their schools.
  • "What is a 21st Century Student?"
  • ActivSlate (moblile slate that controls the board)
  • Interactive lessons across the K-12 Curriculum that come with the Promethean board
  • Edusparks: Reaching Diverse Learners

Promethean Training Manuals


Email, Blog and Global Social Learning Network. The largest connected classroom community.
Leading provider of safe, multi-lingual collaborative K-12
    • ePals School Mail: a "Walled Garden"
  • ePals SchoolBlog: Safe, protected blog predetermining who can participate, access and post
  • ePals Global Community: Internet largest social learning network reachig 13 million teachers/ stduents in 200
countries for teacher supervised cross-cultural lessons.

Note: Teachers submit their profiles to the database. After review, their profile is added to the database and they are then able to
search the database for a class in another country.
  • ePals School Blog
  • ePals eMentoring Program: connects corporate mentors with students on careers, etc.
  • ePals SchoolM@il: enables language translation - 72 language pairs (Eng, Span, French, Korean, Italian, German, Portugese, Chinese (Mandarin) and Japanese.
  • ePals Global Community

Email Protocol: Principals decide for their building. They decide if email can be used in the classrooms. Present to your own Principals for permission.

License Agreement - individual letters were distributed to each tech liaison with usernames and passwords.

Voice Threads

Presented by Michael Swirsky

Voice Threads Created by Teachers and Students

Once you've registered on the site and logged in, go to "browse" and listen to the following voicethreads.

  • "To A Daughter Leaving Home" - Poetry read-aloud with commentary
  • "Why Hawks Eat Chickens" - Student-created story, images and audio. Note comments!
  • "Babies in the Mill" - Student-created rap song with images and audio on the life of children in 1900's.
  • "Hard Times in the Mill"
  • "Steven Crane" - Student-created literature project with images, audio and comments.
  • "My Grandma and Grandaddy" - Student-created family biography with images, audio and comments.
  • "LEGO Base - Elementary student-created project. Discusses his work and draws around them. Comments from his teachers and classmates.

VoiceThreads created by Tech Liaisons will be posted here shortly.

Trouble Shooting Tips from the iTeach Team - Wayne DeMacque

charger bulletin NYCDOE-1.pdf

Peter Davidson, Field Account Executive - peter_davidson@dell.com Cell - (656) 853-1247

What Can Dell Do For You?

  • Help develop a long term technology plan.
  • Provide funding sources.
  • Pick up and dispose of obsolete equipment.
  • consult on "Intelligent Classroom Model".
  • Build a centralized server and storage.
  • Train on technology best practices.

What's New at Dell for the DOE?

  • Desktops (Optiplex 755)
  • Notebooks (Latitude Dx30)

NYC DOE Pricelist.pdf

Lexmark famis.pdf