Welcome to the Tech Liaison Meetings #4 - April 14 and 15, 2008

Agenda - April 14 and 15, 2008 Tech Liaison Revised 04_08_08.pdf

Notes from our Community:

One of the tech liaison shared her resource on building and hosting a free website:
  • Go to iweb.com to build a website
  • Go to lunarpages.com to host the website. Contact Mr. Armitage - service is free to educators
  • Email Nancy if you need more information: nwagner@schools.nyc.gov

May Meeting - May 5 and 6, 2008

  • Morning session: Dell will be giving a 2 1/2 hour hands-on workshop on Adobe Elements
  • Afternoon session: OIT will be giving a hands-on blogging workshop

Upcoming Event! - June 14, 2008 - Citywide Technology Fair - Location to be Announced

Grace Monroe and Denise McCabb have volunteered to show their students' work at the Tech Fair.

  • Connect to over 180,000 of the best online resources, aligned with state standards and organized by readability and grade level.
  • Each resource is carefully selected by educators to ensure it is safe, age-appropriate and 100% academically relevant.
  • An easy-to-use tool for K-12 students and educators in a search environment you can trust!

Website: http://www.nettrekker.com

FAMIS Information

Cost for NYC Schools: $1.10* per student (*Effective: 6/1/08)
Category: Computer Software
Item Name: netTrekker d.i.
Item Number: 80003057
Vendor Number: THI 035000
Contract Number: Z043401

Contact Name: Kam Hau

Office: (877) 517-1125
Fax: (513) 731-1710
Email: khau@netTrekker.com

Access Code
Username: nyc_queens
Password: learn (note case sensitive)


Code for your username and password

Use your first initial last name @nycqueens.epals.com
Password: NewPass

Safari Montage Live


SAFARI Montage is an award-winning broadcast-quality, Video-On-Demand solution for schools and districts that comes preloaded with 1,000+ educational video titles. Each title has been hand-picked for its direct application to the curriculum to support visual learning. Selected from the finest educational publishers in the world, SAFARI Montage content packages are from the series that teachers use, love and respect.

Contact: Caitlin Kohler
(800) 843-4549

Apple Computer - iLife, Leopard

David Nash, Apple Guru Extraordinaire!

Current Issue
  • DOE has a wireless problem with Apple. Working on it.
  • Approximatly 10,000 laptops waiting to be sent out in response to RESO A grants.
  • Problem should be resolved this week.

David's Tips & Tricks using Safari
  • HOW TO: Summarize Text - Go to a news website - highlight text, go to "summarize" and you can shrink the text to summarize it.
  • HOW TO: Utilize the Speech feature - Go to Safari - System Preferences - Speech - You can get the new MAC to speak the text.
  • HOW TO: Change the Voice - Go to Universal Access - Voice Over Utility and then Speech - new voice "Alex"
  • HOW TO: Use Zoom - System Preferences - Universal Access - Turn Zoom on - Option + Apple (together) then use "+" and "-"
  • HOW TO: Use Zoom 2 - hold down Control button and use two fingers to scroll down.
  • HOW TO: Without using Control bottom to Scroll - Use two fingers simultaneously and you can scroll automatically.
  • HOW TO: Enlarge only the text - Apple the "+" or "-"
  • HOW TO: Activate a Dictionary - press Control +Apple+D (simultaneously) turns on the dictionary definition of a word. If you press the "more" button at the bottom of the drop down window, you get an enlarged dictionary and everything else there "clickable" for a definition.
  • HOW TO: Deactivate the Dictionary - Go to System Preferences - choose Keyboard & Mouse - Go to Keyboard Shortcuts - Deselect "Look Up in Dictionary".
  • HOW TO: Using Google images -(1) drag and drop image to desktop. OR (2) control and click and add to iPhoto library directly.
  • TIP on Google images - Never use images that are smaller than 500 pixels. Won't project well.
  • HOW TO: Activate screen shot - Go to Shift +Apple + 4 and you'll hear a camera sound. Your image will be on the desktop.

Time Machine - Now on Leopard
For those of us who don't back up our data often enough...
  • You can takes a screen shot of your hard drive. Only makes changes when you tell it to.
  • Connect an external hard drive to your laptop - hit time machine - backs up everything and makes an exact replica of your hard drive.
  • It will make an addendum when you make changes.
  • It's totally invisible to the user. You set it up to back up at a specific time.
  • It saves the folder as a cover and has a hash mark on the right that has the date when it was saved. You can pull up only the dated version.

Time Capsule - Wireless Product ($300 - $400)
  • Uses an Airport Extreme - Time Capsule is built into the airport as an external hard drive. Automatically backs-up the system.

Viewing files in Cover Flow
You can now view your files in "cover flow".
HOW TO: Go to upper left icons - next to images, files, there's an icon that looks like a tv screen. Click here and you can view your files as album covers.

Screen Sharing
If you know the name of someone's computer and password, you can view the computer on the network and access it.
You need to have Leopard 10.5. This is built into the application system.
HOW TO: Finder - Click on Hard drive - go to "Shared". Click on one computer, go to share the screen, enter their name and their password. Then connect.

  • gadgets that connect you to the world
  • You can now make your own gadgets.
  • webclip icon - selects a part of a web page and puts it on your desktop.

Stacks on the Dashboard
  • You can set up how to view your files and applications.
  • Grid or Fan
  • Hard drive - home folder - click and drag a folder to the bottom list

Quick Look
  • Go to Finder - click on the icon to the far right on the top.
  • Allows you to look at your folders quickly.

Photo Booth
  • Create backdrops for your iMovies!