Welcome to the Tech Liaison Meetings #5 - May 5 & 6, 2008


Great News from Dell - 2008 Book Buy-Back & Obsolete IT Equipment Removal Program - April 28 to June 6, 2008

  • The time has come to get rid of your obsolete text books and IT equipment!
  • The New York City Department of Education's 2008 Book Buy Back Program combines the current book buyback program and adds the new option to have obsolete IT equipment removed from your school.
  • Schools are invited to register from April 28 through June 6. Please register at: __http://www.learningtimes.net/cleanswee____p__

Blogs – Hands-On - ISTE – NET Standard: Communication & Collaboration

Uses of Blogs:
  • Writing about what a student did over the summer.
  • Professional Development
  • Book of the Month
  • Tech Repair
  • Create a digital portfolio of student work.
  • Enhance and promote accountable talk.
  • Promote reading and writing skills.

To be addressed at the next meeting - rescheduled.

Google Apps – Hands-On - ISTE – NET Standard: Communication & Collaboration

Absolute Software - Computer Theft Recovery

Contact: Sales Executive - Patrick McCahill pmccahill@absolute.com - 908-673-1484

  • Managing your inventory
  • Theft Recovery team - in cooperation with NYPD
  • Ability to track laptop and recover data
  • Pay for non-recovery of inventory - prorated scale

Techsperts - Q & A

Dell Presents

Adobe Photoshop Elements & Adobe Premiere - Hands – On - ISTE – NET Standard: Creativity & Innovation

Download Adobe software - www.adobe.com
Contact: Ryan Sullivan -DELL account executive for NYC DOE introduced his staff.

  • The group used student responders to answer the question, "When assigned to write a report what percentage of students, in grades 7-12, go online to research first?" The correct response is 72%. Only 10% will go to the library to find a book.
  • We have to be sure the sites that they use are valid.
  • What percentage of teens have created a blog or webpage, posted original artwork, photography, stories or videos online or remixed online content into their own new creations?
  • We learned that the percentage in 2005 was 57%. Today, we are over 74%.
  • Children like to create "mash-ups" which combines lots of different types of technologies.
  • Web 2.0 brings to the table that students can collaborate
  • RSS (Really Simple Syndication) lets people subscribe to the information they want. Teacher Flakes is one tool to aggregate your information.
  • What is student engagement? "Working on the Work" by Phillip Schlechty discusses that there are 2 main ways of student engagement - teacher as performer (teacher delivers the content), and teacher creating authentic activities that students can see the value of the learning. The students who are not having behavioral problems, but not processing the information are actually disengaged from the learning process.
  • If schools need data-driven instruction, put student responders in the hands of students, and drive instruction on actual data.

Web 2.0 Tools
  • Pageflakes.com - can organize your blogs, RSS feeds here. To create a new account, simply click on the flake and begin. You can add podcasts here as well.
  • Teacher.Pageflakes.com - they have found all of the great resources for teachers here.
  • The Blurb - a "mash-up" of a blog and podcast. Students take a news article and podcast to it.
  • PBWiki.com - free wikis for students.
  • Saywire - safe blogging and mail.
  • del.icio.us - social bookmarking
  • Voice Thread - upload digital movies, podcasts.
  • lego.com - social networking site for students. Virtual learning world.
  • GoToWeb2.0 - http://www.go2web20.net/ - This website shows you all of the Web 2.0 tools available on the web.
  • What is the most important part of a digital story?
  • It is the story! - not the pictures, the video, not the music!
  • Rough Draft -Rewriting - Final Draft. Digital storytelling is important because it encourages writing and creativity.
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere demonstration was then offered to the participants.
  • www.freeplaymusic.com provides free music downloads that you can add to your video.


WiredSafety provides help, information and education to Internet and mobile device users of all ages. It helps victims of cyber-abuse ranging from online fraud, cyber-stalking and child safety, to hacking and malicious code attacks. It also help parents with issues, such as MySpace and cyberbullying.