To Verify if a Website is Blocked or Unblocked on the DOE Network

Locked.png Unlocked.png

This webpage will allow you to verify if a website is blocked or unblocked on the DOE network, it will also provide the category that is the site is listed under. Please follow the steps below:

1. Go to the following site: (only available on DOE network)

2. Enter the URL you are researching

3. Click the Submit button

4. Read the “Disposition” field, it will say “Blocked or Unblocked”

DIIT Repair Policy

Effective March 17, when you place a call for hardware repair with the help desk, you will be informed whether the cost of repair will be covered centrally. The DOE will cover the cost of computer hardware repairs only when the computers are less than five years old. Beginning March 17, if you need to replace any parts on any computer that is more than five years old, you will need to fund these repairs out of your budget at a cost of $400 per incident. The fee covers parts and, if necessary, multiple visits by technicians to resolve the problem.

We will continue to provide support for all issues related to the Operating System and network connectivity.

Please email me ff you require assistance in determining the status and age of your school’s computer inventory, or if you require guidance to determine if the cost of a repair is justified.

Johel Placencia
Technology Manager
Division of Instructional & Information Technology (DIIT)
Queens Integrated Service Center | NYC Department of Education
Voice: 718-391-6855 | Fax: 718-391-6887
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